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Den Gets Zen

See how a designer creates a cool place for a dynamo to chill out.

Marisa Krempler is a third-grade teacher who has just bought her first place in Boca Raton, Fla. She lives life at full throttle, so she wants her home, including her living area, to be a peaceful retreat. Designer Franzella Guido plans to create a Zen space to help this dynamo chill out.

Living Area, After

Now the living space is warm and inviting, thanks to the clever design of Franzella Guido. Fresh paint, new furniture and accessories create a natural flow, and a signature fragrance emanating throughout the home adds the finishing touch.


    • Franzella Guido
      15329 SW 111 St.
      Miami, FL 33196
      Phone: 303-458-4533
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