Small But Spacious

Small homes can feel spacious with the right design elements and efficient storage.

  • By removing drywall and exposing the rafters, he took his space vertical, building a place for his bed above the closet with a staircase unlike any other.
  • The modern kitchen cabinets have hydraulic hinges for easy opening.
  • Above the loft space, he removed the drywall to open up an extra three feet of space.
  • An opening in the wall to the living room has two stools, where friends can sit and talk while Lerner is cooking in the kitchen.
  • The living room has lots of custom built-ins and storage.
  • Lerner fit a dining space in the passageway between the living room and bedroom.
  • The clean lines of the original built-ins blend well with Lerner's modern furniture.
  • Thick California redwood beams and concrete and brick walls add industrial charm to the space.
  • Above the bathroom is a sleeping loft, accessed by a ladder.
  • Double windows block out the traffic noise.
  • The fireplace is the focal point of the living room, so Corbell painted the wall a vivid green to accentuate it.
  • A hidden desk in the dining room closet keeps the space functional.
  • Some of the cabinets have small glass panels.
  • In narrow hallways, it's wise to build shelves low to keep the space from feeling like it's closing in.


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