Chocolate Bedroom Makeover

The Double Take team re-creates a luxurious chocolate brown bedroom.

  • Before
  • This bedroom concept not a perfect match for the budget—the designer bedroom in the magazine costs over $33,000.
  • After
  • The sharp contrast of the rich brown headboard against light colored walls really makes a statement.
  • When shopping at antique stores or estate sales to replicate the look of a period piece – be sure not to confine yourself to the exact era of that one piece, you might be able to find that exact same look in something from a different period as long as it has the same lines and scale.
  • This table was found at a thrift store and refinished.
  • Woven lampshades for another $20 a piece complete the reproduction.
  • The front face was cut off both tables in order to add the correct decorative elements.
  • To achieve the custom decorative design a simple rubber stamps were dipped in gold paint and stamped onto the boxes.
  • This long, narrow mirror matches the style of the room.


    • Rug from California Carpet & Rugs
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