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Old-World Living Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Todd Pinzuti take a tired looking living room and give it an updated Old World look for less than $500.

Wall Paint – $31
The existing beige wall color stays, but to give the space an Old World color palette splashes of rich henna color are added. Large brown craft paper is torn in random pieces and taped to the wall for a template. The henna is painted on the spaces where the craft paper is not; the results are a mix of ragged-edge bands of color that provide an aged, earthly feel to the room.

Drapes – $70
To cover the bare windows crisp linen drapes were made to match the beige and henna color of the walls.

  • drapes: Shirley Graetz
  • drapery rod: Target – 068070392

Armoire – $0
The pine armoire was replaced with a traditional style armoire the homeowners had in another room of the house. This large piece is placed against the main wall of the room for a focal point.

Ottomans – $98
Storage ottomans are constructed from salvaged wood and antique hardware. First, a basic box with a removable top was built; the top piece is covered in foam and upholstery fabric. The base of the box is painted a warm shade of green, then an assortment of decorative hardware is arranged randomly all around the box. Safety hinges were used to secure the cushioned top to the box.

  • materials: Hunt & Gather

Rug – $50
A traditional style rug was purchased for the bargain price of $50. It anchors the seating arrangement and brings all the colors of the room together.

  • rug: Troika – beige 5’ x 7’ 9103

Sconces – $83
Wall sconces with a wine theme are created to go on each side of the armoire. The lampshades are given an antique look by staining them with tea bags. Small eye hooks are screwed into wine corks then the hooks are sewn onto a black ribbon; the ribbon is then adhered to the border of the shade. The sconce bases and hardware are given an Old World look with black paint.

  • sconces: Hampton Bay – 0463558-29725

Pillows – $63
The homeowner’s couches were rearranged; new throw pillows were sewn using the same fabric used for the ottomans and the linen drapes.

Wall Art – $80
Unique artwork is crafted from old shutters, sepia photos and antique hardware. The shutters and hardware were found at an architectural salvage yard. The homeowner’s photos were printed in a sepia tone to give them an aged look. The hardware, old numbers and the photos are arranged on the shutters, and then the shutters are hung in the entry way to the living room.

  • materials: Hunt & Gather

Accessories – $25

  • plates: Pier 1 – 1984035

Total = $500


    • Lighting from Hampton Bay
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