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Polymer Clay Wish Book

Use these step-by-step instructions to create a unique wish book made of polymer clay.

If you've got wishes, write them down in this fun and fabulous wish book from the creative mind of Maureen Carlson; made of polymer clay, of course!

Materials and Tools:

Maureen Carlson's Designer Push Molds (mold of your choice - Victorian,
Tribal, Sun, Moon)
Fimo Soft Polymer Clay - Black (#9), Gold (#11) or colors of your choice
brown acrylic paint
cultural patterns texture plates
24" length of 22-gauge brown wire (Artistic Wire)
Pearl Ex Pigments - Spring Green, True Blue and Aztec Gold
white cardstock or book cloth
white paper
Crafters Pick The Ultimate Glue
double-ended clay shaper tools - TPCR #6 and AFC #6
needle tool
knitting needles
paper towels
round nose pliers
wire cutters
pasta machine or roller
baking sheet or ceramic tile


1. Condition polymer clay.

2. Make faces and words from gold clay. Alter faces as desired using needle tools and Clay Shaper tools. Crop faces.

3. Roll black clay to 1/16 inch thick. Cut two pieces 3" x 4" for front and back cover.

4. Cut or roll other pieces to make collage for front cover. Brush texture plates with powder for easy release, then texture these pieces.

5. Put a small amount of Pearl Ex on finger and rub over surface of collage pieces.

6. Position collage pieces firmly onto front cover.

7. Press face and word on top of collaged pieces.

8. Make 4" long tube bead from black clay, using knitting needle or wooden skewer to hollow bead.

9. Bake all clay pieces.

10. Antique cover by brushing with watered down brown acrylic paint. Remove paint immediately with paper toweling, leaving some paint in grooves of clay.

11. Lay front and back cover side by side. Cut card stock or book cloth to fit across both clay pieces and glue.

12. Thread wire through tube bead, leaving 4 inches at end of wire, outside of tube bead.

Thread wire around inside of cover, then back through other end of tube bead. Pull wire taut, being careful not to rip paper. There should be approximately four inches of wire at each end of tube bead.

13. Curl wire ends.

14. Cut pages to fit across front and back cover of book. Crease pages at center. Slide pages under inside wire.

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