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Living Room Goes European

See how a designer adds charm and elegance to an empty living area.

Twenty-five-year-old Chris Philips has been saving for a place of his own since his first fast-food job at age 15. Now he's the proud owner of a historic Victorian in Denver, but he doesn't have a stick of furniture. Designer Carriann Arkowski signs on to help define a style for him, beginning in his living room.

This living room can best be described as "European elegance meets antique charm," which is exactly what new homeowner Chris Phillips had envisioned. Designer Carriann Arkowski made the entryway/living room contemporary and elegant. A new sofa and chairs complement the homemade tables, and the room is sprinkled with Chris's own photos taken abroad.

This angle shows how warm and inviting the room is, thanks to the color scheme, soft lighting and complementary accent pieces.

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