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Living Room Gets Funky Style Fusion

Find out how a designer combines abstract art with Scandinavian simplicity.

Jen and Hugh passed on more than 50 houses before they found the one they wanted, just outside Denver, Colo. What sold them on their first place was this cool '70s living room. The problem is that Hugh's an abstract artist, and Jen likes Scandinavian simplicity. Designer Carriann Arkowski's challenge is to fuse their two styles into one funky living room.

Designer Carriann Arkowski made Jen and Hugh's pad a combination of contemporary and eclectic. Neutral walls work well with the bright red of the sofa and lime green of the love seat. A groovy cornice board and matching pillows, along with Hugh's modern artwork, is a thing of beauty.

A closer look at the room shows off the neutral yellow walls, which work well with the lime green love seat and red sofa and armoire. The throw rug and table decorations are great accents to the color scheme.

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