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Trash to Treasure: Old Chair Parts

Rob Whittlef shows Joan Steffend how to turn old chairs into great accessories.

An old wicker rocking chair was converted into a planter. The springs and the cushions were removed from the seat and replaced with a mesh pouch to house the plants.

The springs that came out of the wicker rocker are made into a vase holder. Dowels were fastened to a backboard then the spring frame is mounted onto the dowels. Glass cylinders are placed in the springs for a unique floral display.

The chair springs are used again, this time they are converted into candle holders. Instead of mounting the springs horizontally on the backboard as done for the vases the springs are mounted vertically so they’ll stand on a tabletop.

A shabby chic piece of wall art is made from an outdated tin chair panel and a molded frame.

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