Pint-Sized Palaces

Take a tour of four tiny but unique homes from Miami modern to Old World Tuscan, and from a colorful DC apartment to a white Manhattan high-rise.

  • Brungart removed a wall between the living room and bedroom to open up the space. She designed a room divider storage unit with shelves, cabinets and space for her TV, which swivels around to be viewed from either room.
  • Brungart also designed one long storage unit that spans an entire wall, from the living room through the bedroom.
  • To keep the rest of the room uncluttered, there's a walk-through closet between the bedroom and bathroom.
  • Color and texture give the newly built, 1,000-square-foot condo an Old World feel. Ornate antiques, artwork and architectural elements such as this cozy fireplace, make this traditional style anything but conventional.
  • The view outside the window is of rolling hills and beautiful, colorful houses. Henson and Brooks expanded it between two windows — in a dead corner — with a folding screen painted with similar scenery so that the look continues from one window to the other.
  • This unusual armoire features wood carved in a geometric pattern.
  • Dark walls and a large mural in the bedroom give the room lots of drama while also creating a warm, sensuous feeling.
  • The newlyweds transformed the white-walled, 800-square-foot bachelor pad into a cozy home for two. The living room is bright and simple with large windows that afford lots of light and a great view of the Washington/Chevy Chase area.
  • This custom artwork is a 3-D interactive painting, created by McNicholas to reflect her love for sewing. Although many people have offered to buy it, she just can't part with it.
  • Because space is so limited, they display only their most cherished belongings, including their bride and groom wedding cake topper.
  • Freeman's living room has all the amenities but they're hidden away. The lower drawer of this built-in entertainment unit houses CDs and DVDs and the DVD player is secured to a flip-down panel.
  • A continuous, seamless terrazzo floor made of Blue Canadian marble flows throughout the apartment from the living room and kitchen to the bathroom and even shower.
  • Freeman admits to being a fanatic about white walls and that includes the kitchen.


    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website:
    • Tara Riceberg
      Chief Twe-kster, Twe-k
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    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
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    • Alison Brungart
      Designer, Alison Brungart Inc.
    • Jeff Brooks
      Designer, Worldware, Inc.
    • Belmont Freeman
      Principal Architect, Belmont Freeman Architects
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