Pint-Sized Palaces

Take a tour of four tiny but unique homes from Miami modern to Old World Tuscan, and from a colorful DC apartment to a white Manhattan high-rise.

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See how a little imagination can turn small into spectacular. Visit a tiny space turned surfer-modern in Miami, a colorful newlywed nest in D.C., an Old World-style condo in San Francisco, and small and minimal with a huge view in New York.

Mod in Miami
Alison Brungart, an up-and-coming designer, took on the challenge of transforming a tiny beachside crash pad into a modern, inviting home. With a space the size of some walk-in closets, it was no easy task! By removing walls and adding custom-designed, built-in furniture for her storage needs, Brungart created a sleek and versatile home in this 400-square-foot area. Space this tiny requires creative storage solutions and that's where her design talents came in handy.

All of her furniture is made with the same wood tones, so no one piece sticks out. This consistency gives the home a "hotel chic" style. Painting all the furniture in a room the same color is another way to achieve a unified look.


    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website:
    • Tara Riceberg
      Chief Twe-kster, Twe-k
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    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
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    • Alison Brungart
      Designer, Alison Brungart Inc.
    • Jeff Brooks
      Designer, Worldware, Inc.
    • Belmont Freeman
      Principal Architect, Belmont Freeman Architects
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