Small Space, Big Function

When you have 1,000 square feet or less, you have to come up with innovative space-saving solutions. See what four creative homeowners devised to organize their space!

Wall Sprinklers

Every single item in Michael Connelly's apartment has a story behind it, and he loves to tell all of them! He and his eclectic collections reside in one of Chicago's most iconic and recognizable buildings, the old Edgewater Beach Hotel. Traditional decor meets industrial design in this 643-square-foot apartment. Some of his choices seem risky in a small space, such as dark-colored walls and a random mix of accessories on display, but with his crafty storage ideas and good designer instincts, it all works.

The most interesting thing in Connelly's dining room isn't on the table, it's his collection of lawn sprinklers hanging on the wall. Hanging objects high pulls the eye up and makes the space seem larger. Remember, though, to find the studs when hanging heavy objects.


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