Small Space, Big Function

When you have 1,000 square feet or less, you have to come up with innovative space-saving solutions. See what four creative homeowners devised to organize their space!

Office/Dining Room

When Douglas Ratcliff moved into this 400-square-foot cottage in Miami Beach, it was full of fabulous built-ins and space-saving components. But as he thought hard about his needs for his personal space, he made a difficult realization: he didn't need all the space savers. So he took a deep breath and did the opposite of what most people in small spaces do—he ripped them out. Ratcliff's bravery has paid off; he has created a space that functions perfectly for him, complete with all the amenities he desired.

This multifunctional space features a desk made with two drawer units as the base with a glass top. Ratcliff removed a Murphy bed, which left an alcove for the desk. With a dinette set nearby, the room doubles as a cozy dining room.


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