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Urban Oasis Bedroom

The Design on a Dime team creates a peaceful retreat by using calming colors and furniture.

Bridget and Dan Carlson live in a stylish Chicago loft that is beautifully decorated, except for their hodgepodge bedroom. By using calming colors and coordinating furniture, the Design on a Dime team creates a peaceful retreat that reflects the couple's style.

Before: The loft bedroom felt cramped and cluttered.

The Dilemma
Bridget and Dan love the open-air feel of their loft but the design presents a few problems in their bedroom. The room's odd shape has made it difficult for them to arrange it in a functional and stylish way. It is furnished with odd pieces from other places in the house and though the room has an expansive ceiling, the iron bed they have is too big for the space. They need more light in the space and a solution for housing their TV and stereo. They like the industrial lines of the space but want to camouflage the storage above the rooms's half wall.

The Solution
Calming colors and natural fabrics will soften the space and a bedside water feature will give the room a tranquil vibe. A fabric headboard will define the bed area and an armoire will hide the stereo and TV when not in use. Natural artwook will further soften the space and bamboo planters will be used to hide the storage above the half wall. Here's how the team transforms this cluttered bedroom into an urban oasis for under $1000.

Interior designer Brice Cooper gets started creating the water feature. He uses copper pipe, black rocks and a decorative square bowl. The copper pipe is given a flame patina using a blow torch. He uses epoxy to secure a small pipe into the hole where water will be pumped to the top of the larger pipe. He secures the copper pipe to a piece of acrylic the size of the bowl's bottom. A hole is cut in another piece of acrylic to fit over the larger pipe for a platform for the rocks. A water pump available at home improvement stores is attached to circulate the water.

Design coordinator Kelly Edwards gets started on the bamboo planters. She uses one-by-eight-inch planks to build the simple wooden boxes then covers them with burlap material using spray-on adhesive available at craft-supply stores. She fills the planters with floral foam and inserts the natural bamboo sticks.

She then gets to work on the wall art. She covers a piece of press board with burlap and attaches silk palm fronds. She pops the panels into frames for an organic look.

Brice dresses up the white ceiling fan by removing the blades and attaching silk palm fronds. He removes the stems of the fronds and traces the shape of each blade onto a frond. He trims the excess silk and uses spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the fan blades before reattaching them.

Design coordinator Ali Azhar creates the fabric headboard by upholstering a five-foot-wide-by-seven-foot-tall panel of plywood using crisp-white and soothing-green fabric. He pre-cuts holes in the lower portion to make electrical outlets easily accessible.

The headboard is hung using a wooden cleat made from a two-by-four that has been cut down the center at a 35 degree angle. The other half of the two-by-four is mounted to the back of the headboard so it can be easily hung.

Kelly creates a bed tray with a burlap inlay and a fluffy new rug is added to further up the comfort level in the space.

A stylishly-simple white armoire for the audio and video components and sleek white shelving for accessories complete the look.

The Cost
Paint and supplies - $81

  • Glidden, Fern/022367441395 - $16.98/gallon
  • Glidden, White/022367441098 - $13.96/gallon

Headboard - $102
  • green fabric - $5.99/yard
  • white fabric - $3.99/yard

Sconces - $88
  • 26.95, SS 795 BK

Bedding and pilows - $105
  • bedskirt - $15.99, 060100548 - Target
  • duvet cover - 13 Sheets, 027725 - $29.99 - Homegoods
  • sheets - 39.99, 439481 - TJ Maxx

Night table - $65
Water feature - $46
  • black rocks - .99/bag - Hobby Lobby
  • pump - $24.99 - Hobby Lobby
  • bowl - 6.95, 526967 - CB2
  • large and small brass tubing - $5.49 and .59 - Ziegler's Ace Hardware

Bed tray - $31$1.50/yard
  • handles - $5.99, 08030756 - Target
  • frame - $14.99 - Hobby Lobby

Ceiling fan re-do - $11
Planter boxes - $52
  • bamboo - Michaels

Wall art - $40
  • burlap fabric - $1.99/yard

Armoire - $182
  • Metropolitan - $149.99 - Target

Rug - $53
  • 010892465979 - Home Depot

Total - $981


    • Sconces from Chicago Lighting Warehouse
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