Glamorous and Sophisticated Living Room

See how this couple adds a little glamour and sophistication to their living room with dramatic, yet soothing, colors.

Before: Beige and Boring

Before moving in with Sean, Tara lived in a rainbow of color. Since then the power of Sean’s persuasion has the couple drowning in tones of beige, but they are both unhappy with the results. Ultimately, Tara would like a more sophisticated and grown-up look for the formal living room. For the walls, they choose a grayish blue, which is sophisticated but still has a calming effect. They select a deep tone of beige for the ceiling to tie back into the floor color and to contrast with the blue walls.

Did You Know? Blue recedes from the eye, making rooms feel larger. On the color wheel, blue is opposite the brown color of the floor, so it will intensify that tone. Beige is a neutral color and will ground any color scheme.

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