Little Home, Huge Results

So little space, so much style. Use the square footage you have to reflect what you like and how you live.

  • This bedroom is located in the entryway and separated from the other sections of the room by color.
  • The unconventional amount of furniture in this space creates many places to sit with various views.
  • A contemporary workspace is created between the kitchen and living room.
  • The hallway has open shelving — perfect to use for an organized closet space.
  • This man used a collection of various rocks and stones to adorn the front of his home.
  • Thor handcrafted this front door to look like the cathedral-styles he saw throughout Europe.
  • This beautiful staircase was handmade by Thor and has no screws or nails holding it together.
  • This couple managed to merge all of their belongings into 675 square feet.
  • Schulz is the cook and wanted a kitchen that would suit his needs.
  • Built-in storage was created to encase the existing heating and air fixtures.
  • A second closet was built in the living room to hold more clothes.
  • This large kitchen is used for more than just cooking.
  • This large couch can be used in a variety of functional ways.
  • This shelving unit cleverly disguises a murphy bed.
  • This is Wedlick's favorite spot: the little corner he can crawl into when he wants to get serious about his writing.


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