Little Home, Huge Results

So little space, so much style. Use the square footage you have to reflect what you like and how you live.

Making Room for Two

Just when Ellen Schwartz found enough space for all of her things in her tiny one-bedroom apartment, her fiancé Dean Schulz and all of his stuff moved in. With some creativity and compromise, they figured out a way to save their Upper West Side location and fit both of their lives into 675 square feet.

With a textile design background, Schwartz loves fabric and playing with subtle changes in texture and light. She uses rich materials to create warmth and a minimal approach that exudes a serene, yet happy feeling.


    • Jacob Ward, Managing Editor, Readymade Magazine Website:
    • Gita Nandan, Architect
      Thread Collective

    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website:
    • Tom Piscitello, Designer
    • Tara Riceberg
      Chief Twe-kster, Twe-k
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    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
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    • Patrick Hamilton, Designer
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