Christmas Closet Cleanup

The Long family has an entire room devoted to Christmas supplies and decorations. But after years of accumulating ornaments, lights and garlands, their hideaway has turned into a holiday horror.

Tangled Mess

Brothers Jackson and Brent loved playing in the holiday room, but once they found all their toys, the room became as tangled as the piles of lights.

For specific product information, click on the After photos of the room.


    • Sony A Series Notebook from Sony Electronics Inc.
    • Fiber-optic Christmas tree from EZ Tree
    • Modern Baby furniture and accessories from Netto Collection
    • Handcrafted home fashions from Peking Handicraft
    • Baskets and packaging supplies from Willow Specialties
    • Food gift baskets from Hickory Farms
    • Holiday party supplies from Plum Party
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