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Christmas Stockings

Try this simple needle felting technique for making holiday stockings.

Hand Needle Felting


stocking pattern*
base fabric
felting needle – has barbs near the tip to push the fibers down
unspun fibers – the fibers before they are spun into yarn
3" high dense soft foam pad (for hand felt punching)
permanent pen
Mylar - optional

*Draw a stocking pattern or locate ideas from coloring books, online searches, etc.


1. Draw the stocking design with a permanent pen on the base fabric.

2. Lay the base fabric on top of the foam pad.

3. Arrange the fibers on the base fabric and punch with a felting needle. Keep the needle straight up and down and punch down approximately 1/4 inch. Determine the elements of the composition that are basted in place first. Think of the composition as layers. Baste the elements that are on the bottom first.

4. Baste the fibers in place on the base fabric by punching a few punches in the center of each element and a few punches on the outside to hold the fibers in place. If not in the right position, pull out and reposition.

5. Start from the center of each element and work to the outside. Since the fibers are being pushed into the base fabric, the design element shrinks. If the outside were completed first, some of the fibers on the outer edges would pull out leaving a hairy looking edge.

6. Add accent colors to create depth, dimension or highlights. Add a thin accent layer of fiber, blend two or more fibers together. Also consider how light would affect your composition.

7. To determine the amount of needle punching consider these factors:

  • If the item is to be handled, it should be punched from the top, underside and once again from the top.
  • If the items are not to be handled (wall hangings, etc.), it only needs to be punched from the topside.

Sewing Machine Needle Punching – My Favorite Way

Setting up the sewing machine:

  • Drop the feed dogs
  • Straight stitch only
  • Remove the bobbin case and hook
  • Leave the bobbin case door open and the shuttle race cover down

Needle Punch Attachment:
- needle holder with 5 felting needles
- stitch plate
- presser foot

1. There are NO threads used in needle punching so there is no need to be concerned with tension or stitch quality.

2. First, hand-baste the composition in place with a hand-felting needle and complete the punching with the sewing machine punching tool. It is faster and produces a more thorough punching.

3. Move the fabric slowly while punching on the sewing machine to prevent bending or breaking needles.

Needle punching is so much fun as there is not a long list of do's and don'ts. You do your creative interpretation of what you want. You can even use the sewing machine and not know how to sew.

Happy Holiday,

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