Dreams in Miniature

Homeowners fall in love with small spaces every day. See a tiny grotto cottage near Miami, a charming loft in San Francisco, a stylist's live-in salon in New York and an upside-down renovation in L.A.

  • Mike Butler has arranged his 400-square-foot cottage to suit his life perfectly
  • Butler uses furniture to define rooms within his small home.
  • There's plenty of storage space in this walk-in closet.
  • Full-size appliances fit perfectly into this small kitchen.
  • This kitchen is open to the rest of the loft, making it easy for Aeryn Seto and Shan Johnson to feel connected to the rest of the home when preparing meals.
  • The library is the only room in the loft with doors.
  • The focus remains on the architecture of the loft and the view from the windows.
  • This hair stylist turned his studio into a one-bedroom apartment that doubles as a mini-salon.
  • A glass divider keeps this bathroom open and functional.
  • A marble edge unifies this apartment.
  • The big, open space of the loft allows it to be reconfigured for various events. Bernardo Charca has hosted intimate breakfasts, large dinners and even a few dance parties here.
  • This kitchen opens to the outdoors, which makes the space feel larger.
  • Cabinets and shelves help keep this workspace organized.
  • Everything has its place in this storage cabinet.


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