Dreams in Miniature

Homeowners fall in love with small spaces every day. See a tiny grotto cottage near Miami, a charming loft in San Francisco, a stylist's live-in salon in New York and an upside-down renovation in L.A.

More Than It Seems

Mike Butler is an architectural photographer who takes pictures of Miami mansions, and then goes home to a 400-square-foot cottage. That cottage, a grotto hideaway called Coral Gables, was created by architect Gladys Diaz with a vision of an artists' village. Butler was instantly drawn to the energy of this one-room cottage.

He moved from a 1000-square-foot place into this 400-square-foot cottage. He admits that he had to sort through gobs of junk and pare right down to the basics. At this point in his life, he wanted something a little different — and this place is just that. What's important is that it works for now.


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