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Whimsical Garden Decor

Here are some tips on adding fun to your garden.

When you hear landscape designers talk about the elements of a garden, all to often you hear words such as structure, texture, repetition, and so on. Now don't get me wrong, folks. Those are perfectly valid and important descriptors. But there's one word that, in my humble opinion, you don't hear enough of--whimsy.

Whimsy is defined as an odd or capricious idea--anything quaint, fanciful, or just plain goofy. And whimsy is something that all but the most formal gardens deserve, because it reminds us that gardening is something to be enjoyed but not taken too seriously.

Figure A

Whimsical elements in the garden may include sculpture, such as this iron maiden.

Figure B

Bird houses with a light-hearted touch, even signage that expresses a certain point of view.

Figure C

These ornaments--goofy faces--are designed as tree ornaments. All you do is drive a small but sturdy nail into a tree -- don't worry, the nails won't hurt the tree--then attach the pieces to the nail as if you were hanging a picture on the wall.

And when you're done, you have more than just a touch of whimsy in your garden--you also have an interesting conversation piece.

You know I'd be the first to admit that whimsy in the garden isn't for everyone. But for those of you who, like me, don't take yourself or your garden too seriously, whimsy is good.

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