Soap Star's Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

Actress Liza Huber of NBC's Passions and her husband, Alex Hesterberg, purchased a house built in the 1930s that sported a very narrow three-room galley kitchen.

  • The homeowners decided to open up the galley, maximize storage space and create a cozy breakfast nook.
  • The traditional look of the cabinetry and the clean lines of the granite flow into the butler’s pantry where the couple was able to include a lot of functional storage in a small space.
  • The couple likes to entertain, so Alex tells of convenient features incorporated into the kitchen to help out at parties. "We put a new sink as well as a wine chiller and an ice maker. Now we don’t have to worry about buying 65 bags of ice."
  • The best part of the kitchen belongs to the homeowners’ four-legged friends. Specially lined kibble drawers eliminated the need to hide large bags of dog food while the discreet pull-out feed drawers are stainless steel and easy to clean.
  • When it comes time for Alex and Liza to unwind they retreat into the cozy tropical oasis of the breakfast room. A perfectly comfortable couch, big windows, French doors, and some family heirlooms provide a beautiful setting to relax and take it easy. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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