Tiny Treasures

Wish you had more space? See how four homeowners coaxed the genie out of the bottle and got their wish to fit all their treasures into their diminutive abodes.

  • The placement and type of artwork on the wall balances the effect in this living room.
  • These homeowners like having it both ways, a functional kitchen that they can just close up and forget.
  • This bookcase is actually a staircase.
  • You may see a fire escape; they see a terrace.
  • A 900-square-foot row house that's only 12 feet wide can pose some major challenges.
  • Make the most of adjacent outdoor space.
  • This storage is also completely encased, so it keeps dust bunnies from moving in with the items.
  • Clean lines and a simple design keep the space from feeling enclosed and boxy.
  • Fabric is a great way to divide rooms and create distinct spaces.
  • Lights were installed in the cabinets to create a glowing display of colorful glassware.
  • Tile is an affordable alternative that still achieves a sophisticated look.
  • The dining table is where Keiser spends most of his time reading, writing and eating.
  • The kitchen also has a 12-volt refrigerator for perishable food storage.
  • This bedroom also has a window hatch that allows light and fresh air to flow into the space.
  • The cockpit becomes this home's quiet space.


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