Sanctuary Living Room

Cheri has a new condo that she has yet to decorate. She wants the living room and adjoining den to flow together but wants the option to close off the den.

  • There was a lot of ground to cover, but by tying it all together with textiles, paint and custom furniture, Kenneth has transformed this once generic condo into a unique sanctuary.
  • The mirrors come off the fireplace and are replaced with bamboo and cork wallpaper.
  • Latte-colored walls are set off with a chocolate brown accent wall in the dining room and also behind the sofa in the living room.
  • Round coffee tables bring movement into the room while the zebrawood veneer gives them a visual texture that complements the other organic elements, like the bamboo and cork wallpaper and chunky wood side tables.
  • The sofa is centered on the back wall and flanked with matching lamps and side tables.
  • A photograph and a color copier are all you need to create abstract art with an impact.
  • Shoji screens have traditionally been made with rice paper but today they're made with more durable Plexiglas and available in a variety of colors.
  • The grand high-backed banquette sets a dramatic and elegant tone in the small dining room. A glass tabletop keeps the look light.


    • Carpet from Carpet Design
    • Wallpaper from Innovations
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