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Living/Dining Area Redo

Get a peek at how a designer turned an empty space into a South Seas oasis.

Melanie Feliciano has traveled the world on her struggling writer's income, but now she is putting down roots in her first place — a modest 600-square-foot condo in North Miami. She is immediately at a loss for what to do with the main living/dining area, so she seeks help from designer Gary Kelly. He chooses a theme based on her global adventures.

Designer Gary Kelly turned this boring box of a room into a luxurious living/dining area by creating a theme out of the colors in the treasures homeowner Melanie Feliciano has collected from Southeast Asia. Feliciano's part in the project was tackling the refinishing and reupholstering of some old chairs as well as painting the walls and ripping up the carpet. Kelly helped make the closet into a new entertainment unit and brought in some fresh furniture pieces to finish it off.

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