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Donkey Table Lamp

Nerio Festa constructs a metal and river rock donkey table lamp.


river rock
metal file
3-hole punch
power drill
6' polarized cord and plug
20" of 1/8" x 1/2" steel flat bar
3, 1/4" x 1/2" bolts and nuts
welding mask
5/16" hot rolled steel round rod
wire feed welder: mig or tig
flat and Phillips head screwdriver
light bulb socket with pull chain switch
cutting tool: hack saw or bolt cutter
metal brush or rotary Nyalox brush to clean welds
non-woven abrasive pads to clean the steel rods
1/8 IPT threaded fitting (common electrical finding) about 1" long
pliers and 1 foot or longer of 1/2" pipe as a lever to help you bend


1. Choose and wash a rock.

2. Measure the rock with a rope and cut steel rods and pipe to size for the legs and neck.

3. Brush clean the steel rods and pipe and file the ends.

Figure A

4. Decide how to wrap the stone (figure A).

Figure B

5. Bend the first rod to create the ears, neck and belly line for the donkey according to the shape of the rock (figure B).

6. Bend the shape for the head.

7. Cut a small piece of pipe to form the eyes.

8. Weld the head between the ears.

Figure C

9. Weld the tubing (eye) in position to get facial expression (figure C).

10. Brush clean the welds.

11. Insert the piece in a vise and place the rock in it.

12. Bend the front legs to match the stone.

13. Bend the rear leg to match the stone.

Figure D

14. Weld the legs on the body (figure D).

Figure E

15. Weld pipe for wiring on the tail (figure E).

Figure F

16. Cable the wire inside the tubing and connect to the socket and tie an electrician's knot (figure F).

Figure G

17. Wrap a small stone with 1/8-inch rod to connect to pull chain (figure G.

Figure H

18. Cut a lampshade out of handmade paper (following a template). Punch holes along both side edges with a three-hole punch. Roll the shade into a cylinder and hold it together with 1/2-inch bolts and corresponding nuts through the punched holes (figure H).

Figure I

19. Install the shade by attaching it with the bolts from the shade to a centering rod (figure I). Add a bulb and turn it on.

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