Spanish Colonial Living Room

This family's living room falls somewhat short of being the entertaining and relaxing space they would like. Kenneth Brown transforms this pink and dated room into an updated Spanish Colonial Retreat.

  • This outdated living room is in desparate need of a makeover — one that doesn't include pink carpeting.
  • The living room is completely transformed into a beautiful, warm and relaxing retreat for this family to enjoy.
  • An oil painting of the family brings a touch of personalization to this living room.
  • The beams bring a warmth and richness to the room when they are painted to look like natural wood.
  • Simple curtains are hung at the windows so as not to take away from the focal point of this living area — the view.
  • Various furnishings are mixed in this living room to add a sense of history to the space.


    • Faux wood beams from Great Art by Lori Higgins
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