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Baby Shower Stork Centerpiece

Jo Juarez creates a foam stork centerpiece -- perfect for a baby shower.

In addition to creating colorful and playful piñatas Jo Juarez also makes theme centerpieces for a variety of party ideas including her stork.

Materials and Tools:

stork paper pattern pieces
white plastic foam
sharp blade
1 plastic foam ball
homemade glue (1 part flour to 2 parts water)
various colors of tissue paper
various baby novelties
pink satin fabric
shredded cellophane
craft "google eyes"
small piece of craft foam
wooden dowel painted yellow
glue gun and hot glue
baking rack


1. Cook a glue mixture of one part flour to two parts water to form a thick paste. Constantly stir the mixture with a whisk while boiling. Boil and stir until it has the consistency of very thick mashed potatoes. Let cool.

2. Draft a stork pattern and trace the pattern pieces onto the foam sheet.

3. Using a sharp blade, cut stork shapes out of the white plastic foam; one body, one beak, two wings and a circle. Cut a foam ball in half to form the cheeks.

4. Using homemade glue, "paint" the tissue paper onto the plastic foam using a paintbrush. Use pink tissue paper for the cheeks, white for the body and wings and yellow for the beak. Allow all pieces to dry on a backing rack.

5. Assemble all parts of the stork using a glue gun. Attach google eyes using a glue gun.

6. Attach a yellow painted wood dowel to the bottom of body to form a leg.

7. To form the hat, cut an oval from the craft foam and glue a foam circle on top of the oval. Attach the hat to the top of the stork.

8. Use remaining scrap pieces of foam to form a round base and cover it with pink satin fabric using a glue gun. Push the dowel into the base.

9. Decorate the base with shredded cellophane and attach with hot glue


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