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Photo Stone Candles

Materials and Tools:

large candle
tissue paper (same color as candle)
copper embossing powder
heat tool
gold or copper pigment inkpad
hot or low temp glue tool
gold Rub'n Buff
fabric or paper towel for buffing
3 large clear glass marbles that have a flat surface
photos or favorite images
parchment paper or hot glue mat
glue stick
thick craft foam 8-1/2" x 11" sheet

Figure A


1. Glue three large clear marbles onto photos or images with hot glue (figure A).

2. Cut around stones.

Figure B

3. Squeeze a one-inch circle of glue onto a hot glue mat or parchment paper then press stone with photo into glue only pressing half way down (figure B).

Figure C

4. Rub gold onto cooled glue and buff with fabric or a paper towel (figure C).

5. Cut tissue paper the width and circumference of the candle.

Figure D

6. Draw desired shapes onto the foam and cut out with scissors (figure D).

Figure E

7. Stamp design (shapes) on tissue paper using copper inkpad (figure E).

8. Sprinkle embossing powder over freshly stamped image. Tap off excess powder and melt with the heat tool.

Figure F

9. Wrap tissue paper around the candle and smooth it tightly. Use a tiny dab of glue stick to secure (figure F).

10. Hold heat tool one-inch away from candle until wax melts into the paper. Move heat tool all around candle until entirely affixed.

Figure G

11. Attach photo stones onto candle with hot glue (figure G).

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