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Mixed Media Figure Clocks

Creative Designer Nina Combron draws with a colorful palette of glass to make this fun, whimsical fused glass clock.

Thanks to Nina Cambron for this project.

Materials and Tools:

fusible glass
accessory glasses (stringer and frit)
high temp wire
copper wire
fiber paper
antique shoe forms
oversize drill bits
clay hands
glass breaking pliers
round nose pliers
wire cutters
grinding machine
paper and pencil
dish soap and water
clock movement
drill press with 1/2" drill bit
safety glasses
straight edge
permanent marker


1. Make a drawing of the design on paper (figure A).

2. Select glass colors for the head, body and facial features. Colors used were turquoise glass for the head, cobalt blue for the body, white and blue for the eyes, lime green for the eyebrows, red for the lips and transparent aqua for the cheeks.

3. Cut a template for the head out of tag board. Place it on the turquoise glass and trace around it with a permanent marker. Using glasscutters, score the glass around the shape and break it from the surrounding glass using glass-breaking pliers (figure B).

4. Using a straight edge, measure and cut the body from cobalt blue glass (figure C).

5. Draw shapes for the eyes, lips, cheeks and facial features on the desired colors of glass. Using glasscutters and pliers cut out the facial feature shapes. Grind all glass pieces to smooth the edges.

6. Hold a piece of red stringer over a candle flame until it starts to bend (figure D).

Break off small bent pieces for the eyebrows. Break off small black pieces for eyelashes. Bend a black stringer in a "Z" shape for the nose (figure E).

7. Place the facial feature glass pieces on the head (figure F).

8. Cut lime green strips and a red strip of glass for decorations on the body. Scatter pieces of frit for decorative dots (figure G).

9. Cut copper wire for hair (figure H).

10. Cut pieces of clear glass the same shapes as the head and body. Place the clear glass pieces in the kiln. Sandwich the copper wirehair between the clear glass at the top and the turquoise head glass piece with the facial features. Arrange the clear glass body piece in the kiln topped with the cobalt blue glass and the arranged decorative glass pieces on top. Sandwich four half-circle shapes of high temp wire between the body glass pieces, two at the shoulder (for attaching arms) and two on the sides at the bottom (for attaching legs).

11. Fire piece for 16 hours. Let cool.

12. While the piece is firing, attach chain to glass triangles for the legs and feet.

13. Remove the cooled piece from kiln and wash.

14. Drill a hole in body for the clock movement (figure I).

15. Epoxy the head to the body. Curl the copper wirehair using pliers. String beads onto wire, attach the hands to the wire and attach beaded arms to a chain. Attach the arms to the body using pliers to attach the chain to the wires embedded in the glass at the shoulders of the body (figure J).

16. Assemble the clock movement and place it through the drilled hole. Attach the clock hands to the clock movement.

17. Attach the legs to the body through the embedded wires in the body.

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