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Keepsake Pear Box

Joanne Kluba returns to make a keepsake hinged box decorated with handpainted pears.

Materials and Tools:

binder’s board
decorative paper or book cloth
watercolor paper
PVA glue
brush for applying glue


1. Sketch out pear designs and paint pears with watercolors and cut to size (figure A).

2. Cut boards for bottom, sides and lid of the box (figure B).

3. Glue the box together.

4. Cut book cloth to cover the box. One piece for the sides, inside and out, two for hinges inside and out, one for the top of the lid, back of the box and bottom, one for the inside bottom of the box.

5. Glue on hinge fabric (figure C).

6. Glue book cloth to front and sides of box (figure D) (Hold off gluing down inside front of box). Glue top back and bottom of box. Glue inside lid.

7. Sew a button to the front of the box (figure E), then glue the inside front of fabric.

8. Then glue the inside bottom to the box.

9. Paste a ribbon on the lid for a small closure to wrap around the button (figure F).

10. Glue watercolor designs onto the sides and inside lid of the box.

11. Glue one watercolor design to the lid to cover the ends of the ribbon.

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