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Altered Clipboard Frame

Learn how to make this clipboard photo frame with peeled paint art.

Missy Jaycox learned to use paste and glue in kindergarten and hasn’t stopped since! After mastering the traditional scrapbooking techniques of collage and decoupage as a teenager, her sense of stick-to-itiveness has only grown. Now, this stay-at-home mom loves putting together all kinds of altered art, as she’ll demonstrate with her altered clipboard photo frame and later, with her peeled paint art.

Materials and Tools:
6" x 9" office clipboard
scrapbook and art papers
gift-wrapping paper
old book
2" x 4" brown coin envelope
black elastic
old key
metal sewing hook
photo corners
metal initial
twill ribbon
mini brads
decoupage medium
rubber stamps
black and brown inkpads
cotton manicure applicator
embossing ink and black embossing powder
heat gun
label maker

copper and aqua acrylic paint
crackle medium
220-grit sandpaper
transparent tape


1. Lightly sand the clipboard using 220-grit sandpaper. Paint the metal clip of the clipboard with copper. Let dry and lightly dry brush with aqua paint. Let dry.

2. Choose scrapbook papers, book pages, tissue and other items to cover the clipboard. Tear pages into strips and squares and ink the edges using a brown inkpad and a manicure applicator to apply the ink.

3. Glue and layer the papers using decoupage medium until the desired effect is achieved. The papers can extend over the edges of the clipboard and be trimmed even with the board later. Cut words from old book pages or scrapbook papers that apply or that fit the subject.

4. For more layering and detail, add brads to give the impression of those words being attached. Poke the brads through the paper and glue them to the clipboard. Cut a flower from art paper or gift-wrapping paper with finely detailed scissors and add to the collage. Let the collage dry.

5. Trim the papers even with the edge of the board all the way around.

6. Apply crackle medium according to manufacturer’s directions to give the clipboard an aged appearance. When dry, rub brown ink over the collage using a manicure applicator. The ink will settle into the cracks.

7. Stamp and heat emboss a small brown coin envelope. Glue it to the board so that it looks like the clip is holding it on.

8. Thread a piece of elastic through the loops on each end of a small hook. Wrap the elastic around the clipboard and tape the ends to the back with transparent tape.

9. Tie a piece of twill ribbon to the clip.

10. Add photo corners to a photo.

11. Cover the back with coordinating paper to hide the tape and elastic.

12. Slip the photo under the elastic. Note: Do not glue the photo in place so that you can replace the photo when desired.

13. Create a selected phrase using a label maker and attach it to one corner.


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