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Message Bottle

Denise Lombardozzi returns to make a message bottle.

Materials and Tools:

glass bottle
Diamond Glaze
photocopy of image
Xyron machine with sticker adhesive cartridge
satin ribbon
wire message holder
gold leafing pen
Twinkling H20 watercolors
decorative edged scissors
black and pink acrylic paint


1. Clean and thoroughly dry the bottle.

2. Cut and trim photocopied image to be used on the bottle. Run the image through an adhesive machine. This ensures very few air pockets.

3. Adhere the image to the bottle and gently push out any air pockets. Apply dimensional adhesive liberally over the image and bottle with a craft sponge.

4. Sponge glitter over the bottle, being careful to avoid the face on the image. Let dry.

6. Hand paint a length of satin ribbon with watercolors. Let dry.

7. Paint the cork with the gold leafing pen. Let dry.

8. Once everything has dried, tie the ribbon in a bow around the neck of the bottle and insert the wire message holder into the cork. Paint a piece of paper with pink acrylic paint.

Let dry. Paint the message "My Hero" on the paper and cut the edges with decorative edged scissors. Place the message in the wire message holder.


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