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Vibrant Modern Family Room

A kid-centered family room matures into a vibrant adult hangout.

Jeannine Wilson's kids tend to be hard on furnishings. She has decided it's time for the kid-centered, no-style, no-color family room to evolve and for the kids to appreciate nice things. Designer Karen McAloon jumps in and grooves on Wilson's quirky personality and amazing collection of fabrics, which inspire her bold design plan. Wilson wants color: a vivid pumpkin and buttery cream color combo with avocado accents. Unusual painting schemes bring unconventional vitality to the space. Vertical cream stripes draw the eye up, take advantage of the room's high ceilings and create drama. Floating shelves make use of the upper portion of the walls and showcase Wilson's collectibles. The vibrant, modern family room is now an adult-centered hangout.

White walls leave the bright high-ceiling room feeling cold and stark. Although it's a favorite element, the piano is too traditional for the homeowner's desired style. Hand-me-down furniture and kids' toys give the living room a random, cluttered feel. It's time for this space to grow up and reflect the homeowner's personality.

Bold color is a risk in most homes, and painting a piano is rather unconventional. In this case, however, both variations embody the homeowner's eccentric, spunky spirit.

The room that was a catch-all is now eye-catching. Unifying the furniture with coordinating fabric and paint elevates the maturity scale of the room to adult status.

Save the style and hide the sins of old chairs with slipcovers. Just place new fabric inside out over the chair and pin along the lines of the piece. Sew along the seams and voila: remix magic.

This entertainment center had a former life as a rustic coffee table. Raising it on wooden legs and painting it black transforms it into a usable, sleek piece of furniture. And the size is ideal for a small wall or corner.

Working with concrete on a small scale is easy. Concrete tint and rebar create visually pleasing, stable concrete slabs. Casters make the heavy tables portable and versatile, providing extra seating when needed.

Makeover Information

paint: walls (Trish at Sunset); wall stripes (cream: 2153-60); accent color (green: HC-112) – Benjamin Moore

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