Cosmo Dining Room

The Double Take team creates a "Hollywood glam" dining room.

After: The Makeover Room

The experts agree ? it’s a near perfect match! The design team successfully achieved this sophisticated urban look by combining do-it-yourself upholstery projects, savvy woodworking skills and clever artistry.

Makeover Room Resources
wall paint – Kelly Moore (colors not available)
arm chairs –, Dreams Upholstery, Discount Fabrics
faux camel tonal striped pillow – Ross
materials for antler candleholders and wall art – Michael’s, Cheap Pete’s
buffet/sideboard fabric and plastic –Sal Beressi (available at Michael's), Tap Plastics
materials for ostrich egg sculptures – Safari West, Lowe’s
silver star-burst wall art – Antique Trove
brown modern pillow – EQ3
material for dining room table – Lowe’s
dining chairs – Modern X21, Britax
teacups and saucers – Antique Trove
blue glass vase – Ross
chandelier and chain – West Elm, General Bead


    • Sarah Lynch
      Executive Editor, California Home & Design
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