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Gearing Up the Back Room

See how organizing pro Beth Levin gets a messy storage space in order.

Miami resident Mike Ceragioli is a nightclub manager by night and avid sportsman by day. All that outdoor time has left his house suffering, specifically his back room. His 9 x 20 foot room is piled so high with scuba and fishing gear, lawn-care supplies, tools and a mishmash of other items that there is barely any room to walk around.

Fishing rods were leaning on the walls (at left, below window), and lures were just begging to be stepped on. Plus, there was no room to do laundry, a dream Mike had for the space when he moved in.

It's time for a change, so he enlists organizer Beth Levin to help him take control of the room, once and for all. Take a look at the results of her hard work.

Now, with specific shelves and cabinetry for everything, homeowner Mike Ceragioli is able to contain his hobbies and still have room left over to entertain friends.

The rods are standing tall and secure (at right), and his fishing gear is close by in new cabinets. And with all the other items pared down and organized, a full laundry area is now in place in the back.

Makeover Information:

Products from Cabitech:

custom cabinetry

Products from Solutions Catalog:

outdoor storage bench
rattan ice bucket
Teeter Tray (no-spill drink tray)

Products from Rugs Direct:

The Reef Rug

Products from Stacks and Stacks:

small dog food iris container
two John Boos counter stools (31" h)
gardener's container

Products from The Container Store:

wooden wine rack
Pro Star bike hook
chrome laundry bag stand
mesh laundry bag, blue
garden accessory and tool rack
aluminum double hook
two shirt and accessory drawers, clear
two shirt and accessory drawer dividers
small heavy metal tote
44-drawer cabinet, white
Expand-a-Drawer utensil organizer
Expand-a-Drawer cutlery Organizer
bamboo drawer organizers, one large, one small
square Pandan wastebasket

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

five gallons Privilege Green
three gallons Muslin
three gallons Prep Rite Classic Primer
one gallon Caviar

Products from Lillian Vernon:

plastic dinnerware plates and glasses
bright plastic goblets
wall-mount hose holder

Products from Design Ideas:

four Lookers CD file boxes, blue
four Lookers Stuff boxes, blue

Products from Improvements Catalog:

treasure case


    • Custom cabinetry from Cabitech
    • Rugs from Rugs Direct
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