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Landscape-Inspired Living Room

The pastoral colors of a landscape painting get an urban twist in this living room revamp.

Sally and Ed are creative professionals with a shared love of landscape paintings that reflect natural settings. The white walls of their new house are like a blank artist's canvas. In the past, they've decorated in deep jewel tones, but now they want a more serene, forest-like palette. Appealing to the couple's artistic side, host Jane Lockhart presents their color options in the form of an artist's paints, pastels, canvas and oils.

Did You Know?
Taupe is not just another boring beige—it's a rich, neutral backdrop for more vivid-colored furniture and accessories. Periwinkle is a calming blue with a reddish tone that's considered a spiritual color, said to inspire creativity.

Sally and Ed are able to break free of their old color habits. The living room is transformed with a mix of nature-inspired colors: taupe walls, apple green accents and even the periwinkle of wildflowers on the ottoman and trim detail. To make the fireplace more of a focal point, the wall around it is painted the strong urban color of cobalt blue to contrast with the other taupe walls.

Makeover Information
paint: walls (Alexandria Beige), trim and ceiling (Mayonnaise), fireplace wall (Starry Night Blue), crown molding detail (Purple Lace), radiator cover and shelves (Greenbrier Beige) - Benjamin Moore

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