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Stained Glass Picture Frame

Carolyn Wardle shows how to create a stained-glass picture frame.

Carolyn Wardle is a piano teacher with a passion for stained glass. Wardle had always wanted to make her own picture frames. After learning how to work with stained glass through the mother of one of her students, she came up with her own unique style. She loves to create frames as gifts for friends and family.

Materials and Tools:

stained glass
zinc came
copper foil
picture frame backing
running pliers
safety glasses
soldering iron
permanent marker
glass grinding machine
baking soda
soap and water
straight edge
came saw
came miter box

Figure A


1. Cut clear glass to the desired size of the picture frame.

2. Cut zinc came to fit around the edge of the clear glass using a came saw and came miter box. Place the came pieces around the glass and hold with transparent tape. Apply flux, then solder the came around the clear glass piece.

Figure D

3. Arrange stained-glass pieces in various sizes and colors around the photo glass. Some are found pieces; others are cut to fit.

4. Smooth the pieces with a grinder. This eliminates sharp edges and creates a even surface for the copper foil.

5. Wrap each piece of glass in copper foil. Fold the edges down and burnish.

Figure E

6. Apply flux with a paintbrush on the metal and zinc and solder.

7. Turn the piece over and solder it together. Attach wire pieces with the solder to hold the frame backing.

Figure F

8. Turn the piece right side up again and the finish the soldering. Smooth the seams and add any decorative effects.

9. Brush the frame with baking soda to counteract the acidity of the flux. Wash with soap and water.

10. The frame is polished and ready to use.


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