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Felted Art Quilt

Cara Gulati designs a felted art quilt as part of her seascape challenge quilt.

Being an art quilt fan, Cara Gulati had a blast with this quilt challenge. She decided she would use the photo to create design lines for a new art block! Here is the scoop:

Materials and Tools:

quilting supplies
fusible interfacing
template material


1. Choose a landscape photo, in this instance, the landscape challenge digital photograph.

2. Put a piece of clear plastic on top of the photo and draw straight lines using objects in the photo as a reference guide.

3. Transfer these lines to paper and enlarge the block to desired size.

4. Make templates from the enlarged block. Include seam allowances.

5. Choose fun fabrics, cut out blocks and sew together to achieve desired block combinations. Tip: This is a great project for taking advantage of your fabric stash.

6. You have a free form art quilt layout that you designed.

Prepare two felting fabrics for this art quilt with these new felting techniques.

  • Back a piece of woven cotton fabric with a lightweight woven fusible interfacing.
  • Place ribbon or silk roving on top of a sandwich (blend) of cotton fabric and fusible interfacing.
  • Needle punch or use the felting attachment on your machine (or a machine made just for felting) to pound the ribbon or silk roving into the cotton fabric blend.

Tip: Cara Gulati quilts heavily over the tops of these fabrics to secure the ribbons/silk roving in place as they cannot withstand a lot of handling.

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