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Winter Landscape Brighteners

Try these tips for adding color to the winter landscape.

In lieu of summer's blazing color, many gardeners brace themselves for a winter of gray and brown, if not flat-out white. No matter if your winter is just a little chilly or bone-freezing cold, try these tips to brighten your landscape:

Hardscaping rules. In the Zen-like conditions of winter, elements like the play of light and shadow and the curve of a walkway take on increased importance. Take advantage of this time to scrutinize the design of your landscape.

Bring in ornamental woodies. Dozens of woody shrubs and trees add colorful stems, berries and/or bark. Get more information about winter gems and
ornamental grasses.

Plant colorful containers. Bring them close to a window where you can easily enjoy them from indoors. In areas with moderate winters, plants like heucheras, autumn fern, sedums and pansies keep right on going. In colder areas, conifers will accept the responsibility of colder weather. Before you plant, know how cold your plants and pots will go.

Where plants don't work, create inanimate color. Paint a piece of lawn furniture, a table or simply just a few rocks you place on the surface of containers. A spring-green chair can keep a patio looking vibrant all winter.

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