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Dichroic Glass Pendant

Laura McQuitty shows how to make a fused glass pendant using dichroic glass with a totally different technique.

Materials and Tools:

compatible fusible glass
glass oil-fed hand cutter
cutting square
glass cleaner and rag
shelf paper
kiln shelf
Kevlar gloves
kiln safety glasses
metal pick
electric grinder
two-part epoxy
electric engraver


1. Cut three 1-inch square pieces from three different sheets of glass.

2. Clean all pieces of glass with cleaner.

3. Cut two squares of shelf paper with scissors.

4. Stack the layers of glass on shelf paper and place on the kiln shelf.

5. Fire kiln to approximately 1350 to 1400 degrees, open kiln lid to monitor the fusing and when fully fused, turn off the kiln and open the lid to crash cool to 1100 degrees. Close lid and let anneal and cool, about 40 minutes to fire. Important: Cooling requires several hours.

6. Remove the fused cabochon and rinse in water.

7. Grind to desired shape.

8. Wash the cabochon with soap and water and dry.

9. Place new kiln paper and cabochon onto kiln shelf. Tip: Do not reuse used kiln paper.

10. Fire kiln to approximately 1250 to 1300 degrees to fire polish, crack the lid to monitor progress. When fire polished, turn the kiln off and crash cool to 1100 degrees, close the lid and let anneal and cool.

11. Wash the fire-polished cabochon in soap and water.

12. Abrade the gluing surface on the back of cabochon with an electric engraverand also add signature.

13. Mix two-part epoxy, glue the bail (hanging loop) onto the back with a toothpick. Recheck the position of the bail before the 30-minute set up time. Wait 24 hours for the glue to cure.


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