Old World-Style Living Room

A family's newly added living room is transformed from cavernous to cozy.

Not Homey

Laurie and Sid Lomeli love the new living room they have added onto their home. Though they enjoy spending time in the room with their large family, they have been unsure how to make the space feel like home. Using the Lomelis' carved Spanish-style coffee table for inspiration, the Design on a Dime team intends to transform this cavernous space into a cozy Old-World oasis for less than $1,000.

The Dilemma
The addition gives the Lomelis plenty of open space where they can spend time with their family--in fact, they feel it's a little too open. They want their new living room to feel more intimate, but they don't know where to start. The back of the fireplace from the adjoining room protrudes into the space. They have tried to use it as a decorative spot for accessories, but it still seems out of place. They also have lots of floor and wall space, which leaves the room feeling a bit empty.

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