Seaside-Inspired Master Bedroom

A lackluster master bedroom gets some sophisticated seaside inspiration for a young professional couple.

Before: Washed Out Bedroom

Homeowners Erica Bates and Luke Stuart love their new Boston condo by the water. They have a lovely view of the harbor from their master bedroom but not much to view inside the room. They want a darker shade on the walls and a sophisticated style for the room. Student designer Shalini Sookar invites seaside tranquility into the room with a new, vibrant blue wall color. Sookar rearranges and restains the furniture, installs French doors and crown molding, adds pot lights throughout the room and makes new silk curtains for the windows. Although the homeowners were a bit tentative about Sookar's design, they were won over by the resulting sleek style.


    • Chairs from Pottery Barn
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