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Energetic Living Room

Afraid of change but sick of the colors in your home? See how to pick the right colors for your lifestyle.

Change is good, especially if you're living with the wrong colors. Homeowners Susan and Kevin have had both success and failure with their color decisions in the past. However, their biggest problem lies in their reluctance to accept change. They’ve had the same furniture and colors for years, despite thinking that the living room looks like a funeral home.

After: Despite their reluctance to change, they choose rather bold colors. The deep red walls, golden yellow ceiling and wingback chairs, and brown sofa infuse the room with energy and enthusiasm. The old-fashioned brick fireplace is updated with a tan wooden facing.

Host Jane Lockhart eases them into new color choices that match their sporty, energetic lifestyle. Kevin is skeptical about the red-yellow combination, concerned that he'll "want fries with that." Susan is reluctant because, like many people, she thinks that ceilings are supposed to be white. In the end, though, they're both delighted with the sporty, lively colors they chose.

Did You Know?
Vibrant red increases people's heartbeats and promotes activity, while gold stimulates memory and conversation — all good qualities for a living room.

paint: walls (Lyons Red), crown molding (Cloud White), ceiling (Boardwalk), fireplace (Davenport Tan) - Benjamin Moore, Canada

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