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Country Living Room

A cluttered storage area is revamped into a sumptuous country living room.

Homeowners Jane and John Coleman grew tired of the clutter that overwhelmed their living room. New furniture and some favorite antiques were lost in the disarray. The Colemans want to showcase this overlooked room and turn it into a place where they can entertain their friends.

Designer Karen McAloon brings a style into focus by using the antiques as the centerpiece of the room's new design. McAloon adds rich color and plush fabrics to create a sumptuous country living room.

paint: walls (Applecrisp 2159-30), accent (Saddlebrown
2164-10), armoire (Moroccan Red 1309)
Benjamin Moore

Before: A long, narrow room can feel like a tunnel and it can be tricky to balance the furniture without making one half of it feel too heavy.

After: The long wall is broken up with a faux window and lush curtains while the comfy plaid sofa and loveseat make the space cozy and complete the country decor.

The TV cabinet started out as a 1920s-era prison locker. Adding shelves and new, distressed paint transformed it into usable furniture. A decorative scroll design on the doors adds a country touch.

The original fabric of the parlor chair clashed with the new color scheme so a simple green slipcover gives it style and complements the rest of the furniture.

Mirrored tiles and basic trim bring in more light and widen the perspective of the room. Framed by a curtain, this faux window gives the illusion of an outside view from anywhere in the room.

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