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Decoupage Photo Box

Turn an ordinary wooden box into a treasure chest with decoupaged vacation photos.

Project by Judith Monroe from Sacramento, Calif.

Judith Monroe decoupages wooden boxes with laser copies of vacation photos to create a cherished treasure chest.

Materials and Tools:

plain hinged wooden box
various collage papers (thinner papers are easier to work with)
decoupage medium
laser copies of photographs
sponge brushes
small items to embellish box, such as shells
thick tacky glue
black acrylic paint
foam brush
glue gun and hot glue


1. Prepare the box for decorating by removing the closing latch using a screwdriver.

2. Paint the inside edges and inside lid of the box with black acrylic paint using a foam brush. Let dry. Do not paint the inside of the bottom of the box. It will be covered with felt later.

3. Tear collage papers into one to two-inch pieces. Brush a light coat of decoupage medium onto the back of the collage papers and place on box, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles. Continue adding paper pieces until the box is completely covered. Apply decoupage medium to the surface of the paper as you decorate the box, which will add a glossy sheen and seal the paper. Allow to dry.

4. Cut or tear out laser copies of photographs and apply with decoupage medium on top of the collaged paper background.

5. Use hot glue to attach small items, such as shells, to the box around the photos.

6. Finally, hot-glue felt to the inside bottom of the box with felt and reattach the closing latch.

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