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Metal Musician Sculpture

Luis Guerrero welds and forms scrap metal into this musician sculpture.

Materials and Tools:

8" channel pipe
3/8" chains
diesel pump camshaft
1/4" round rod bearings
inner diesel pump parts
round metal bar
12-gauge 1/8" sheet metal
wide channel iron square
2-part epoxy clear acrylic
random scrap motor parts
welding mask
plasma cutter
steel welding table

Figure A


1. Search for scrap metal parts at junkyard or scrap metal yards.

2. Start sculpture by making the legs out of one-inch pipe. Cut to desired lengths.

3. Tack weld both legs to steel welding table leaving a small gap between both legs. This will create a stable foundation for the sculpture.

4. Weld a round bar to the top of the legs for the hips of the sculpture (figure A).

Figure B

5. Weld the camshaft piece to the center of the round bar for the body of the sculpture.

6. To make the arms, cut two equal sized lengths of 3/8-inch chain links and weld one piece to the right and one to the left of the body. The links will be hanging down for the moment (figure B). The arms will be welded into position after the guitar is made.

Figure C

7. Weld on a governor piece from a diesel fuel injection pump to the top of the camshaft for the head (figure C).

Figure D

8. Weld ball bearings on top of the head to create the eyes (figure D).

Figure E

9. Draw a guitar shape on sheet metal and cut out the design (figure E).

Figure F

10. Weld scrap metal parts on to the guitar shape to resemble guitar strings and other guitar parts (figure F).

11. When completed, weld the back of the guitar to the lower portion of the body.

Figure G

12. Place the chain link arms in desired positions around the guitar. Each link will need to be welded into position in order to give the illusion that the sculpture is playing the guitar (figure G).

13. Cut the sculpture from the welding table with a plasma cutter.

Figure H

14. Weld the sculpture onto an eight-inch channel iron square base (figure H).

15. For a finishing touch, spray or brush on a two-part epoxy clear acrylic to the entire sculpture. This will provide a nice sheen to the sculpture and will protect the metal from rusting.

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