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Soap-In-A-Coat Felted Soap

Suzanna Anna wraps wood fibers around a bar of soap to create her Soap In A Coat felted soap.


bar of soap with a rounded edge
colored wool batting
wool roving in a variety of colors
old stockings
dish soap
terry cloth towel
baking sheet
bowl of hot water
dish rack


1. Wrap a thin layer of wool batting around a bar of soap in a single layer in one direction (figure A).

2. Wrap a second layer of wool batting around the soap perpendicular to the first layer (figure B).

3. Wrap a third layer of wool batting around the soap in the same direction as the first layer.

4. Make sure all the wool is evenly applied and if there are any thin spots, add more wool.

5. Pull off small tufts of wool roving and lay a few different colors over the surface of the bar in different
directions (figure C).

6. Cut off the toe end of a nylon stocking. Gently place the wrapped soap inside the toe of the stocking. Knot the open end of the stocking to secure the bar inside.

7. Dip the wrapped bar into hot water.

8. Place a small drop of dish soap on one side of the bar (figure D).

9. Place a washboard on a baking sheet. Gently begin to rub the soaped side onto a washboard for a couple of minutes making sure to rub in every direction (figure E).

10. The bar will begin to lather. Turn the soap over and rub the other side of the bar.

11. Continue rubbing the bar on the washboard for about 10 minutes on every side in every direction. Note: Do not forget the edges.

12. Remove the bar from the stocking (figure F).

13. Continue the felting process by rubbing the bar in your hands as if you were washing your hands with this soap (figure G). Continue rubbing until you can no longer pinch wool away from the soap.

14. Rinse away any suds in water.

15. Blot dry on a terry cloth towel.

16. Place on dish rack to dry (figure H).

17. As the felted soap is used, the wool will continue to felt so it will shrink as the soap gets smaller. After every use, store the felted soap on a soap dish that will allow all sides to dry out.

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