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Classics Redefined

Jim and Jen Weiland's newly renovated home needs an updated yard, and Jodi Hohman is the perfect designer for the job. She adds traditional flair to go with their Victorian-styled home.

Before: The homeowners want a backyard that fits the history of their new home but also gives their family some room to grow. Right now this plain area doesn't have a place to entertain the family or their guests.

After: Paved with historic bricks, a unique outdoor room suitable for entertaining has been created. Formal plantings and antique urns containing colorful annuals anchor this new space.

These antique pavers were once used on city streets throughout the Midwest. They fit in perfectly with the historical nature of the home.

historic brick pavers - Historical Bricks
weathered Chilton wallstone - Hedberg Aggregates

Before: With a baby on the way, the Weilands want this unused corner to be a safe play area for their children. Plus this historic elm tree needs some help. The surrounding paved surfaces are keeping sufficient air and water from getting to its roots.

After: The expanded planting bed and new brick pathway allow moisture to get to the tree's roots. The newly renovated corner complete with bright red chairs has been transformed into a great place for relaxation.

These stone benches will eventually be converted to a sandbox for kids.

A fountain made with stone salvaged from an old church adds the sound of bubbling water.


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