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Halloween Mummy

Kelly Bell's creativity conjures up her spooky folk-art mummy doll for Halloween.

Materials and Tools:

sewing machine
drill with a 3/16" drill bit
hot glue gun
2 glue sticks
needle nose wire cutters
#2 pencil
2-1/2" floral foam ball
Creative Paperclay or any brand of air-dry clay
2, 12" bamboo skewers
small wooden plaque or stand
acrylic craft paints; black, red, yellow, gray
acrylic antiquing gel
24" x 18" piece of muslin
sewing needle
white or off-white all-purpose sewing thread
pillow stuffing
thin floral wire
damp shop cloth
1 yard of gauze
1 cup of strong coffee

Figure A



1. Hot-glue one of the bamboo skewers halfway into the foam ball. This will act as a handle and will be used to connect the head to the body.

2. Completely cover the foam ball with clay using small thin pieces. Use your fingers dipped in a little water to smooth and blend.

3. Make indentions for eye placement by pressing into the upper 1/3 of the ball with both thumbs (figure A).

Figure B

4. Make two 3/4-inch balls of clay for the eyes and set them in a warm place or outside in the sun to dry.

5. Press the two clay balls into the eye indentions so that only half of the ball can be seen above the surface (figure B).

6. For eyelids shape a small piece of clay into a flat disk, about the size of a quarter. Cut the disk in half and place each piece, flat side down, over the upper half of the eye. Blend the rounded edges smooth above each eye.

7. Roll a pea-sized clay ball for the nose and attach it to the face with a little water.

8. Roll two thin 1/2-inch long clay ropes and place one over the other to create the mouth. Blend and smooth the ends.

Figure C

9. Smooth the face one final time with your fingers dipped into a little water (figure C) and set outside in the sun to dry. It may take up to 24 hours for the face to completely dry.

10. Paint the face with one coat of gesso that has been thinned down with a drop or two of water.

11. Paint the inside of the eye area with yellow acrylic craft paint.

12. Using a very thin brush and the black craft paint, paint the top lash line, bottom lash line and pupil.

13. Add a very thin red line directly above the bottom lash line to give a blood shot look.

14. Paint the lips gray.

Figure D

15. With the bottom end of a small paintbrush dipped into black paint, make two dots on the bottom of the nose for nostrils (figure D). Set the face aside to dry.

16. After the face is completely dry, brush on the antiquing gel and then quickly wipe the gel away, leaving small amounts of the gel in and around the features. Let dry.

17. Using the wire cutters cut away all but 2 inches of the skewer. This will be inserted into the body.

Figure E


1. Trace two legs, two arms and one body onto the 24" x 18" piece of muslin (figures E ). Make sure that the fabric is folded in half.

2. Cutting through both layers of fabric, cut out all of the shapes leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Figure G

3. Stitch around each piece following the drawn line (figure G). Leave a 2-inch opening for turning and stuffing.

4. Clip seam allowances paying special attention to the fingers.

5. Turn each piece right side out.

6. Cut two pieces of floral wire 7-1/2 inches long. Use the needle nose wire cutters to make tiny loops at each end so that the wire doesn't poke through the fabric.

Figure H

7. Use the cutters to insert each piece of wire from middle finger up through the shoulder area of each arm (figure H).

8. Cut eight pieces of wire 3 inches long and loop the ends (as in step #6).

9. Insert each small wire into the remaining fingers.

Figure I

10. Stuff all of the pieces with the pillow stuffing. Tip: Use very small amounts of stuffing in and around the wire in the fingers and hands (figure I).

11. Sew a basic ladder stitch to close the openings on each piece.

Figure J

12. Hand-sew each leg and arm to the body at the shoulder and thigh area with simple overcast stitches (figure J).

Figure K

13. Utilizing the pointed end of the bamboo skewers, push each one up through the bottom of the feet, legs and up into the body (figure K). Stop short of pushing the skewers out through the neck. There will be about 2-1/2 inches to 3 inches of the skewers at the feet. Don't cut these yet.

Figure L

14. Paint the whole body with gesso (figure L) and then set outside to dry.

15. After the body is completely dry, paint on the antiquing gel and then quickly wipe the gel away leaving a small amount in and around the arms, fingers etc. Let dry.

16. Using the wire cutters cut away all but 1/2 inch of the skewers at the feet. This 1/2-inch will be inserted into the stand later.

Base or Stand
These instructions were not featured in segment but provided by guest.

1. Paint both the top and bottom of the small wooden plaque with the black paint. Set aside to dry.

2. After the wooden plaque is dry drill two holes in the center of the plaque about 1-inch to 1-1/2 inches apart with the drill and the 3/8-inch drill bit.

3. Sand a little bit of the paint off of the edges of the plaque with a small piece of sandpaper.

4. Brush on the antiquing gel and then quickly wipe the gel away leaving a small amount in and around the sanded edges of the plaque.

Figure M


1. Hot glue the 1/2-inch skewers at the feet of the body into the stand and hold the body straight while waiting for the glue to set up (figure M).

2. Clip a little hole in the neck area of the body with scissors and then liberally fill the hole with hot glue. Insert the bamboo skewer of the face, into the body and hold in place while the glue sets up.

3. Bend and position the arms and fingers into a pleasing position.

Figure N

4. Dredge the gauze into the cup of strong coffee and then wring out the gauze. Dry the fabric in the dryer or hang outside to dry.

5. When the gauze is dry cut it into 2-1/2-inch strips and then wrap the face, body, arms and hands loosely (figure N). Attach the ends with hot glue and allow some ends to hang from the arms for a scary effect.

6. Sign the bottom of the Halloween mummy and you're done.

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